The basic info

Chicago Multi-Media is me, Rick Meredith.  If you need a communications tool to inform, or sell, or motivate, raise money, or train, I’ll work with you to develop the concept and creative approach, and then take it all the way through production.

Or, maybe all you need is the production part. I can take the whole project off your hands, or we can collaborate. That’s your choice.  I produced and directed everything you see here, and most of it I also wrote, shot, and edited. I can do it all myself, or work with a team of talented associates. That depends on the scope and budget. I’ve been doing this for a long time . . . . . whether it’s full-scale production or a simple one-day video or still shoot, I’ll get your job done on time and on budget, and have fun doing it!

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A little history

In 1978 I started The Chicago Multi-Media Company. We used a lot of slides. And a lot of slide projectors, all coordinated by a computerized programming system.

At first it was just me and one or two others, working out of my house. After two years there were too many people – clients and workers – showing up at my house; the business was growing rapidly and I think my neighbors were getting a little annoyed.

We moved into 4200 square feet of real commercial space, remodeled it for our purposes, and produced mostly corporate events for the next thirteen years. We did a lot of annual sales meetings and pharmaceutical launches, and fund raising events for non-profits. It was highly complex and a lot of fun. Think of thirty slide projectors all choreographed to create a wondrous, bright and colorful piece of entertainment on a huge screen.
This was before video projection technology was even close to looking great on a big screen.

The years went by, and the fascination that many corporate event planners had for multi-image passed. Video technology was starting to surpass multi-image in quality and ease of use.

I joined my friends over at Lighthouse Productions as their VP of Production. Here, I managed a staff of about forty talented producers, coordinators, designers, artists, writers and all-around creative folks, producing more corporate events, video, and “new media” interactive projects. A few years later, we were acquired by Caribiner Communications, an international company producing mostly large corporate events. Here, I served as an Executive Producer and Creative Director.

After a short time, an opportunity popped up to co-found a brand new Integrated Marketing Communications company, Thinktank LLC, operating from the 18th floor of NBC Tower in Chicago. We had a three year run creating brand identity, marketing communications programs, a lot of print materials and interactive programs, and a little video.

I had come pretty far from my roots and had learned a lot of new things in the process. But it was time to get back into what I really loved doing, and the reason I got into this business to begin with – the hands-on creative and production. So I went back into business for myself. What required 4200 square feet and a staff in 1980 now requires me, some freelance help when needed, some video gear, and a few computers.